Preface to the Urdu Edition
Preface to the English Edition
Chapter 1: State Affairs
Chapter 2: Government Agencies
Chapter3: Justice
Chapter 4: Injunctions

General injunctions for Family Life

The Status of Man and Woman

Relations Between Husband and Wife

Removal of Misconception

Chapter 5: Inheritance and Testament
Chapter 6: Sexual Relations and Crimes
Chapter 7: Protection of Life
Chapter 8: Protection of Property
Chapter 9: Treaty (Obligations)
Chapter 10: The Prohibited (Forbidden (un-lawful) and The Permitted (lawful)
Chapter 11: Injunctions for Social Living
Chapter 12: Rumors
Chapter 13: Miscellaneous
Chapter 14: Pertaining to Economy
Chapter 15: Basic Human Rights
Chapter 16: The Relationship Between Crime and Punishment

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