by G.A. Parwez
Al-Balaagh, Volume 23 Number 1, FEB-MAR 1998

What will Imam Mahid’s Mazhab be?

A concerned seeker of truth asks: “the Shias are expecting Imam Mahdi to come, and so do the Sunnis.  My question is: Will Imam Mahdi be a Sunni or a Shia?’

Actually, this story beings from a considerable period of time BEFORE the Sunnis/Shias also voted themselves to waiting in the queue comprising followers of the different faiths-keenly excepting someone who is “coming”.

Adherents of the various religions of the world are all awaiting the arrival of  “The One Who is Coming”.  It is their unshakable belief that the Expected One will come during the last days of the world just before Qiyaamat, and he will overcome (destroy) all the other faiths, and make his own religion the hold sway over all the others.



Since EVERY religion teaches that it awaits the coming of one who is going to promulgate its own particular faith as the supreme and ONLY faith in the whole world, Muslims wondered that why should they be deprived of this “honour” and be left out in the cold!

To this end they too claim that they are expecting “Imam Mahdi” to come who will establish Islam as the ONLY world religion, superseding all other faiths.

Ponder a little on the situation:

Visualise now the scenario mankind is going to witness at the same time! Will there not be a colossal pandemonium. a gigantic cataclysm, a veritable “Qiyaamat” of gargantuan proportions BEFORE the actual Qiyaamat?!


Let us revert to the Muslims: The Shias are waiting for the Imaam-e-Aakhiruz Zamaan (imam of the latter era, near Qiyaamat) to come and establish Shi’ism and Shia rule over ALL other Muslims. Not only this, it is also the FIRM Shia belief (Aqeedah) that the Imaam will resurrect the three Khulafa of the Sunnis (Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar and Hazrat Usman (R)) and will KILL them! (This belief is called the Creed of “RAJ’AT”)

On the other hand, the Sunnis, too, are expecting the Imaam-e-assuredly, undoubtedly, and most positively come to proclaim Sunni Islam as the ONLY faith in the whole world.

The question that arises here is: which paricular sect of Sunni Islam is he going to choose-the AHLE-FIQH or AHLE-HADITH? If he chooses te AHLE-FIQh, then which particular Mazhab from the Ahle-Fiqh – Hanafi, Shaafi’ee, Maaliki or Hanbali? 

As far as Hazrar Eesa (A) is concerned: Hazrat Mujaddid Alf Thaani had already learnt that (in a state of “Kashf”, i.e. inspiration) from Hazrat Eesa) will be of the Hanafi Mazhab.

Thus he writes in the 3rd volume of his “Maktoobaat” that Hazrat Khwaja Khizr had disclosed to him as follows:-

(“if it is presumed that a prophet will be born in this Ummah, he will act according to the Hanafi Mazhab.  It has become known that Hazrat Eesa, after his descent, will follow the Mazhab of Imam Abu Haneefah.”)


Since it is the belief of Muslims that Hazrat Eesa (A) will be a follower of Imam Mahdi, it is obvious then, that the Mazhad of Imam Mahdi will be the Hanafi Mazhab.

Cntrary to all the above, Shaikh Akbar Muhiuddenen Ibn Arabi writes in the “Futoohaat-e-Makkiyyah” that when Imam Mahdi appears, the jurists (Fuqaha) will oppose him vehemently. It becomes evident from this that according to Ibn Arabi, Imam Mahdi will be from the “Ahle-Tareeqat” (Sufis/ Mystics).

The followers of other faiths may believe whatever their heart desires about “The One Who is Coming”.  But as far as the QURAN is concerned, it contains NO evidence and NO indicatin whatsoever of someone who is still going to come AFTER Rasuluallah (S)… neither Imam Mahdi, nor Hazrat Eesa (A)!!


Muslims, through their UN-QURANIC belif in someone who is coming, have kept a chair vacant for this “Comer”.  And gues what? Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani came and sat in the chair!

And now the entire Ummah is shedding much intellectual blook and iits engaged in a ferovious tug-of-war- trying to pull the Mirza OUT of that chair!

Muslims, really, are some Ummah!