Kitab-ul-Taqdeer (Book of Destiny)
by G. A. Parwez
translated by Khalid M. Sayyed
Translator Note
Chapter 1:    The Backdrop
Chapter 2:    The Concept of God
Chapter 3:    Man
Chapter 4:    The Law of Requital
Chapter 5:    Tragedies and Afflictions
Chapter 6:    Fate of Nations
Chapter 7:    Good and Evil
Chapter 8:    If...Then
Chapter 9:    How did it All happen?
Chapter 10:  The Law of Divine Will
Chapter 11:  (mis) guidance
Chapter 12:  Does Allah Control Sustenance?
Chapter 13:  Does Allah Exalt or Degrade Whomever He Wishes?
Chapter 14:  Does Allah Forgives or Punishes Whomever He Wants?
Chapter 15:  Is the Moment of Death Pre-Destined?
Chapter 16:  Oh! Poor Unfortunate Soul
Chapter 17:  Prayer
Chapter 18:  The Summary